About 805 Mattress Pros

Dear Southern California Mattress Seekers,


This is where most local companies talk about their years in business and how they're the best at what they do (or whatever crazy claims they may have).

To be quite honest, I'm just Steve, and I own a mattress store.

I love what I do because I love this community.

People come into my mattress store looking for comfort.

Nothing too fancy, and obviously not too expensive.

Isn't that why we all live in Ventura County in the first place?

For some simple peace, quite, and comfort.

I'm not going to brag about my 20+ years of mattress sales experience.

Just stop by, try out a few beds, lov'em, hate'em, and find the one that works for you and your family.

Simple as that.

If that works for you, then stop by my shop, 805 Mattress Pros, in Simi Valley, CA and get yourself a pretty awesome mattress and an even better night's sleep.




Steve Yannello