The Best
Mattress Store
in Simi Valley!

The Best Mattress Store in Simi Valley!

Discount Mattresses to Fit Any Budget

805 Mattress Pros only carries the highest quality mattresses for any budget. We offer the most competitive discount wholesale prices in the Simi Valley and Ventura County area.

Discount Mattress

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$150 - $999

  • Basic Mattress
  • Comfortable
  • Budget Friendly

Quality Mattress

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$700 - $1999

  • Cool Foam/ Quality Coils
  • Better Edge Support
  • Ideal For Guest Bed Rooms

Best Mattress

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$900 - $2749

  • Highest Quality Mattress
  • Best Edge Support
  • Ideal For Master Bed Rooms

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805 Mattress Pros only carries the best quality brands in mattresses.

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Better Mattresses!

So why is 805 Mattress Pros the best mattress store in Simi Valley?

Best mattress store in Simi Valley


Because we understand that everyone is different when it comes to their comfort. You can't make a sales pitch on someone's comfort. You're looking for a mattress that YOU think is comfortable. Your new mattress is something that you will be sleeping on every night for years to come and only YOU can decide which mattress fits the bill.

Sure, we can help you with finding a durable mattress that will last you a long time. We can also help you find a quality mattress at a discount price. But at the end of the day, a good night's rest is what you're looking for and we won't get in the way of that like all those other mattress stores do.

No stress. No pressure. Just comfort.

See, every other mattress store says they're in the mattress industry. Well, good for them. We're in the home comfort industry, and we just happen to sell mattresses.

Stop by 805 Mattress Pros today and our owner, Steve, will personally help you find the best mattress for you!


Online vs. In-Store: What's the Best Place to Buy a New Mattress?

We may be a bit biased here, but nothing beats actually going to a local mattress store and trying out a new mattress.

To be honest, we don't even know why online mattress shops exist. You wouldn't believe how many customers come into 805 Mattress Pros with the same story:

"I bought a mattress online, but after a week I returned it because it wasn't right for me".

Yup. We get it. Sure it's convenient to 1-click buy a mattress on Amazon or wherever you buy mattresses online, but we believe you should take your time and really figure out what feels right for you. You're going to be sleeping on this thing for years so we strongly suggest you take your mattress buying seriously!

Best Store to Buy a Mattress

To add another selling point, choosing your local Ventura County mattress store is actually cheaper than buying a new mattress online or from a large chain.


Because we deal with smaller brands where we develop a relationship with the supplier. We've been in the mattress bsuiness for years, but due to our small town values, we decided not to "sell out" and expand into a mattress chain with bogus deals on subpar mattresses.

We hand select every brand of mattress we carry because of their reputation and quality.

And that's the magic word right there.


Here at 805 Mattress Pros, our reputation is everything. We only carry the best mattresses at the best prices because we care about keeping you happy.

Happy customers are the reason we're still in business and it's a fulfilling feeling knowing we play a role in helping our local community sleep well.

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So don't stay up too late reading about mattresses! Stop by 805 Mattress Pros today to try out a brand new mattress - it could change your life!

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